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Nathional park KOZU island
NANGOKU Diving Shop 

KOZU ISLAND is a small island of 56 square km, 178 km from Tokyo and 54 km from Shimoda, Shizuoka. 
KOZU ISLAND has a population of 2000 people who lives in this villages, making a living from the sea.
KOZU ISLAND lies among the warm ocean from the Pacific Ocean.
KOZU ISLAND has been designatedasa national park, with clear blue seas & white sandy beaches.KOZU ISLAND Japanese name KOZUshima meaning island offers a great place to relax with warm, friendly people

Diving in Kozu-shima Island 

Kozu Island (KOZU ISLAND) has plenty of diving points. From May to November, on average, the water temperature is 25C and the underwater visibility is 20m. When the Japan Current hits the point, the water temperature goes up as high as 27C, and visibility exceeds up to 30m. Our friendly staff experienced diving overseas and are welcome to see guests from foreign countries.


kozu island
Kozu-shima island
Kozu-shima island

By ferry : Ferry boat departs from Takeshiba Sanbashi,>>>> HP (please chek at time info)about 7 minutes walk from Hamamatsu-Cho Station (Yamanote Line)& Daimon Station (Ouedo Line).The nearest train station to Takeshiba Sanbashi is Takeshiba Sanbashi Station, Yurikamome Line.
By air : local shuttle service is available from Chofu Airport; 3 flights per day...>>>>HP(only japanese)

1) Ferry schedule is subject to change; please confirm the most recent schedule with Tokai Kisen.
2) Ferry service is also available from both Yokohama Osanbashi by Tokai Kisen and Shimoda Sanbashi by Shinshin Kisen.
Tokai Kisen 
Shinshin Kisen (Shimoda)
>   HP 

kozu island Ferry

Regular Ferry Service
(Night Ferry)

(11 h and 55 mins) 
Dept 22:00 pm: Arrive 9:30 am.

kozu island akasaki
kozu island akasaki
kozu island Jet Ferry

Jet Ferry Service

(2h and 40 mins)
Dept. 8:20 am; Arrive11:10 am

1) Flight schedule is subject to change; please confirm the most recent schedule with New Central Air Service (Shin Chuo Koukuu).
New Central Air Service (Sin Chuo Koukuu)
> HP 

Kozu-shima island
Kozu-shima island
Kozu island Airline

Airline Shuttle Service

(from Chofu Airport to Kozu Island)
3 flights/day (55mins)
Dept. 9:00 am, 11:20am, 14:00 pm


Discover Scuba Diving(No license required)

8:30~/12:30~ Start 

1beach dive(3hrs); includes short lecture and full equipments
[Our PADI instructor, spent years in diving in Thailand, guides you to the pleasant underwater world safely]  JPY13,200 (Tax included)

kozu island scuba diving

Fun Diving(License required)

8:30~/12:30~ Start 

1beach dive~3boat dive; includes diving guide and fee for tank and weight*
[We will show you the most enjoyable sea of KOZU ISLAND]
*Note:Fun diving fee does not include rental equipment fee..For further more detail, Please contact our Staff. JPY6,500~JPY19,000 (Tax not included)


kozu scuba diving equipment

Equipment Rental Fee

 Full equipment*

*Note:You need to bring your bathing suit. For further more detail,
please contact our staff.
Full equipment JPY3,850(Tax included) 

Travel agency should be able to assist you in making travel arrangement.

We look forward to seeing you here in KOZU Island!
PADI  Instructor #461435 YUSUKE SUZUKI
Tel:+81(0)4992-8-0604, Fax:+81(0)4992-8-0604
E-mail:  Mobile:+81(0)90-7713-7409

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